The Barn Owl Box

For Natural Rodent Control

Barn Owl Box

One family of barn owls comsumes over 2000 rodents annually.

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Features rainguard, perch, landing ledge,double-box system, window for viewing eggs and chicks, and removable two-piece front for easy cleaning.

The Barn Owl Box comes with a galvanized-metal mounting-bracket that attaches easily to the top of a wooden or metal pole.

It is designed to be installed in full sun and stay close to ambient temperature. To accomplish this it uses special reflective pigment and an efficient venting system. It is actually two boxes in one: an outer box of highly reflective white plastic, and an inner box of dark brown plastic (to keep it dark for the birds.)

The Barn Owl Box will not rot, will not need to be rebuilt or replaced, and will last indefinitely.